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Guangdong De shang Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. established in 2002, is located in the forefront of China's reform and opening window - Shenzhen, is a professional R & D, manufacturing, sales, installation and service maintenance in one of the new types of piping systems and fittings for high-tech enterprises.

Our main products are water supply and drainage three series. First, the water series: nano-antibacterial plastic composite pipe, nano-antibacterial PP-R water pipe, stainless steel water pipe and pipe fittings, steel mesh reinforced polyethylene (PE) composite pipe, steel skeleton hole net polyethylene pipe, HDPE water supply pipe, PP-R pipe, plastic-lined steel pipes embedded in the ribs, double lined steel pipe, plastic pipe inside and outside. Second, the drainage series: plastic …More

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Guangdong De Shang Science and Technology Development Co, Ltd. Phone: +86 0755-23140966/23148066 Fax: +86 0755-27759927 Contact: Mr Li (13923725933) Mailbox:
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